Samsung’s new machine LTE Galaxy J2 in India

Samsung recently in entry-level markets and emerging markets have been, the Tizen xinji Z3 through the FCC certification, and in India launched a low-end LTE smartphone – Galaxy J2, it is not hard to see in the entry-level market fell last year many top of Samsung has to change.

In terms of configuration, the Galaxy J2 carrying a resolution of 960 x 540 4.7 -inch AMOLED display, frequency of 1.3 GHz Exynos quad-core processors, front and rear 2 million 3475 5000000 megapixel camera, 1 gb of RAM, 8 gb ROM and support up to 128 gb microSD card capacity expansion, and the battery capacity is 2000 mah. Not only that, the Galaxy J2 also supports in emerging markets popular 4G LTE and double card double stay, while the system is based on the Android 5.1.1 depth custom Samsung TouchWiz operating system.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Galaxy J2 joined a group called Ultra Data Saving Mode of the new features, the technology based on the Opera Max, can help users reduce traffic consumption substantially. Samsung official said that Ultra Data Saving Mode for video applications, social applications, and browser save up to 50%, respectively, 50%, 30% of the traffic.

It is understood that the Galaxy J2 is expected to officially listed in September 21, there are black and white and gold three color optional, the price is for 8490 roubles, overall is competitive.

Support the HoloLens Win10 application has been on the shop

Microsoft HoloLens, in addition to the image of new senses, more important is that it will become an important part of Microsoft’s future strategy, the Microsoft CEO, has confirmed that the first batch of HoloLens enterprise and developer. HoloLens can enjoy Win10 general application convenience, now Microsoft first HoloLens application on Windows store.

This app is “Microsoft IT Showcase“, is an introduction to the Microsoft IT development of internal video and pictures, including deployment and management solution, and so on Microsoft applications. Application below support mobile phone, PC, HoloLens, Surface Hub four device platform, seems to be the first support HoloLens Win10 universal application.

From the point of application of screenshots, the application and the application of ordinary, imagine the virtual scene did not appear in the application in the screenshot. Don’t have reservations? However, the application of what is not important, the important thing is that you have to have a Hololens, from now, this desire has to wait for a period of time.

The Font Awesome upgrade services Founded Fonticons

The Font is Awesome for developers can use one line of code for websites to join hundreds of ICONS for free services, at present there are more than four thousand web sites in the world use the Font Awesome, including the White House website. Now, the founder of the Font Awesome Dave Gandy, founded the Fonticons again, will increase the Font Awesome service to new heights, at the same time also charges.


Fonticons will provide the same function and the Font Awesome, will also provide some additional benefits to its paying subscribers, paying users from free paid $99 to the year is divided into three layers. Which is a new feature to make icon pack, let Fonticons know what exactly icon need website, thus no longer load without the use of ICONS, to conserve bandwidth. Fonticons content distribution network and even storing user icon pack in the whole world, thus load icon as soon as possible.

Paid account can obtain the second function is to import vector icon. Import vector icon will also join icon package, user can use like to use other ICONS. In addition, Fonticons there is a market, users can buy well-known designers exclusive icon here. Currently this service about 10000 ICONS to sell, but Fonticons said, as more and more designers to join the market, the icon Numbers soar soon.

The blackberry Classic blue limited edition

BlackBerry recently added push a Classic “cobalt blue color, is now in the BlackBerry’s official online store. In addition to frame and touch point retain primary colors, the rest part of the mobile phone are to blue. Blackberry is pointed out that the color of the Classic limited release, but did not indicate the number of how many units.

Blackberry on the hardware front Classic mobile phone a 3.5 inch screen size of the square, a resolution of 720 * 720, with a qwerty keyboard, using a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor, with 2 GB of RAM, the fuselage with 16 GB of storage space, the rear a 8 million megapixel camera, front is 2 million, battery capacity is 2515 mah, pre-loaded with BlackBery 10 OS system.

Overall blackberry Classic is a Classic design, fine workmanship of mobile phones, physical keyboard can be said to be the best in all mobile phone. Blackberry to “resurrection” it is not without reason, in large touch screen curtains on the blackberry smartphone market be alone, we also admire the blackberry have so persistent belief, although the Classic is not the mainstream of public choice, but it is now the same smartphone market added a different color.

Buy it now countries including Canada, the United States, Britain and the Netherlands, but a few weeks after and will be launched in Hong Kong and Italy.

Google search to cancel the support for emoji

According to foreign media reports, Google company doesn’t look very like emoji, at least for Search (Google Search) department is like this. Google has quietly from the search page to cancel the support of emoji, both mobile client and desktop clients.

When a user in the Google search bar to input the search object, it no longer separate emoji, but input with text, then emoji will display.

Google mobile client support emoji, first a few months ago, the mobile client to emoji. In a few weeks ago, Google is going to be removed from the Google Search emoji Search capabilities.

While the engine of the world’s largest companies abandoned emoji, but this does not mean that other firms will do the same, especially like partial social types of sites, such as Yelp, the search is also fully support emoji.

Sony announced in July will be updated Android 5.1 models

Sony Mobile announced on its official blog, starting from July, will Xperia Z series (including mobile phones and flat-panel), and among the new C3 / T2 / T2 Ultra / M2 / M2 Aqua push Android 5.1 system. Previously, Xperia Z / Z1 / Z2 / Z3 and other Z-series phones, and ZL / ZR and other derivative version Z series phones, including Xperia Tablet Z Series Tablet starting from May in succession to push Android 5.0 system upgrade.

It is worth noting that this will be Android 5.1 upgrade Sony expanded to C, T, M series, which several non-Z Series models are introduced nearly a year of new products, can upgrade to the latest system can be considered reasonable. And like Xperia Z such older models still can get an upgrade, described the industry’s conscience.

Have been identified to support the upgrade Android 5.1 models include:

Xperia Z Series

Xperia Z1 Series

Xperia Z2 Series

Xperia Z3 Series

Xperia ZL

Xperia ZR

Xperia Tablet Z

Xperia T2 Ultra

Xperia C3

Xperia M2

Xperia M2 Aqua

Japanese manufacturer Mouse Computer released WP8 models

In Japan, in addition to international manufacturers of products such as the iPhone, but also we have a lot of local brands, which of course the number of machines to the most massive Andrews, but there are some WP niche models.

It is reported that Japan’s OEM PC manufacturers a company called Mouse Computer announced the details of its new Windows Phone device MADOSMA the whole, positioning in the end.

MADOSMA parameters introduced:

Operating System: WP8.1 Update

CPU: Qualcomm Xiaolong 410 MSM8916 (1.2GHz)

Body storage / transport memory: 8GB / 1GB

Expansion: Support micro SD

Battery: 2300 mA

Screen: 5 inches 1280 x 720 IPS screen

Size: 142.8×70.4×8.4mm

Weight: 125 g

Band: WCDMA: BAND1 / 8/19 (6) / LTE: BAND1 / 3/19 (CAT4) / micro SIM card

On the whole, this phone like most white card Lumia 640, how to force the price, then it is well worth considering.

Meizu rumors MX5 conference or all-metal body

Recently, a netizen exposes suspected incarnate blue Note 2 rendering. From the picture, the charm blue Note 2 overall appearance and spirit’s charm blue Note differences should not be too big, but joined a physical Home button, means that it supports the fingerprint identification.


And now, the Internet has emerged charm blue Note2 Published rumors. It is said that Meizu will hold a conference in June, officially launched the charm blue Note 2 and MX5.

Specifically, the charm blue Note2 release date is June 2, while the Meizu MX5 is June 30. Both products support the fingerprint recognition, and integration of body MX5 will use metal. If MX5 support fingerprint identification and a metal body, MX5 Pro will be like?

If the low-end series Meizu charm Blue Note were using fingerprint recognition, its price and the effect of both, that Meizu is pretty fight, but added it is worth the wait.

Apple patented three strap

Apple’s own Apple Watch for with a variety of strap, and its price has can be queried through the Apple online store. For part of the pursuit of cost-users, Apple Watch Strap price too high.

Apple peripherals has been the main base of each main cottage manufacturers, given Apple’s component prices are high, but also to the cottage manufacturers stretching room. The Apple peripherals to their own, and make a new effort.

In order to be able to stop the spread of fake products, Apple for the Apple patent was registered with Watch strap. The U.S. patent and trademark office today by Apple for three Apple Watch strap of patent application, they respectively are Sport Band, Classic Buckle, as well as the Link Bracelet, namely Sport strap, Classic leather Buckle and pink serial. It is not known whether Apple in areas outside the United States also obtained a patent for Apple Watch strap.

Prior to the third-party vendors listed before Apple Watch has launched a variety of strap styles, because there is no Apple authorized, these third-party vendors may face prosecution.

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